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Hamish and Heather

Thanks for taking part in our Hamish & Heather workshop!

Today, we’re going to explore and discuss the thoughts and feelings a dog or cat might have, and put ourselves in their shoes to imagine how they might feel in some situations.

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What are some of the things our pets might need?

Think about what might keep them happy and healthy. Feel free to write your answers down, or discuss with those around you. When you're ready, click next to move on.


How can you tell what a dog or cat is feeling?

What might they do to show they're happy, sad, scared or angry?

Hamish and Heather

Let's imagine ourselves in Hamish and Heather's shoes.

In each of the next four clips, think about how you might feel if you were them.

In some of the clips it might be easy to tell, others not so much.

When you're ready to see the first clip, click the next button.

How might Hamish feel after having his food taken away?

Hamish and Heather

Hamish probably isn't too happy about his food being taken.

Our pets can't understand why we'd do that, and taking away something so important to them could cause them to react by barking, scratching, or even biting.

How might Heather feel after being woken by loud music?

Hamish and Heather

Heather is probably feeling frightened.

Pets have much more sensitive hearing than we do, and they can find sudden, loud noises (things like loud movies, music, thunder and fireworks) very stressful. This may cause them to run away, or hide somewhere where they can feel safe.

We can help out by creating them a quiet and comfortable safe space, with their favourite blanket and toys, where they can relax whenever they're feeling scared or stressed.

How might Heather feel after being hugged while relaxing?

Hamish and Heather

This one is hard to tell.

Some pets might be comfortable with us hugging them, but much like loud noises, they could also find it frightening.

When they're trying to relax, it's usually kindest (and safest) to let them enjoy their space.

How might Hamish feel after seeing another dog?

Hamish and Heather

Again, this one is hard to tell.

Hamish could be excited to see another dog, or he could be frightened, or feel challenged, or many other feelings - and we don't know how the other dog is feeling, either!

In this situation, it's best to communicate with the other owner. Ask them if their dog is friendly, and if they think Hamish and their dog are okay to approach one another.


What are the three main things the Home does?

Think about the animals that Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home cares for.

Where do they come from? Are some of them in need of help? Do they have a family?

Remember, they all start with the letter 'R'. Click next to see the answer.


We care for dogs and cats who are lost, abandoned or unwanted. No matter who they are, we provide them a comfy bed, food and water, and lots of love and care.


Sometimes dogs and cats get lost. Wherever we can, we find their family and help get them back together quickly.


If we can't find their family, or if their family isn't able to care for them, we will find them a new Forever Home.

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